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The ‘Victoria Lily Foundation’, or ‘Vic Lily’ receives regular funding from a single benefactor, Integer Wealth Global, and distributes and disburses these funds and donations further into credible charitable institutions.

The Foundation ensures that all such funds are allocated to the correct destination and for the correct intent, by a qualified and skilled charity management panel and board currently in formation.

It is a criterion of the benefactor Integer Wealth Global (IWG), for IWG clients to have a social economic development component on their investment funds managed by IWG.

Our benefactor IWG is a risk management and alternative investment funds creation company who operate globally.

Their client’s projects range from renewable energy to agriculture, mining, property development and technology. Human development and economic social investment are important components of the IWG operation which they transfer to their clients.

IWG place much emphasis on social and economic development, and The Victoria Lily Foundation is the delivery mechanism this purpose.

A 0.5% portion of the profits from IWG client's investment funds are dedicated for the development of human social and economic benefit and upliftment in the area and or region in which the project is based, however the benefit is currently focused on the United Kingdom.

These would result in the establishment of schools, clinics, children's support initiative, women empowerment programs and empowerment programs for business literacy, self-sustaining food schemes such as food tunnels, hydroponic projects, fish farms and craft industries to name but a few.

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