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Victoria Lily Foundation

A platform which provides financial and economic support to registered and credible charities for the care of children, women and educational initiatives and to create economic upliftment in their lives, their families and their communities.

We humbly present, the

‘Victoria Lily Foundation'

The ‘Victoria Lily Foundation’ is a non-profit ‘Charitable Incorporated Order’ (CIO) currently in the registration process on the Ilse of Man, whose voting members are its charity trustees, and which supports corporate social investment and social economic development projects through charities and charitable organisations in the United Kingdom and internationally.

The foundation manages corporate social investment into actual physical charitable projects and is funded through the donations of it's single primary benefactor, Integer Wealth Global S.A., a Luxembourg based investment and risk management company owned in majority by the Bandemer family's Asset Trust.

The foundation originates from the philanthropic initiatives of the Bandemer family.

The concept of the Victoria Lily Foundation stems from the giant Amazon water lily, 'Victoria Amazonica'.



Please note that this website is under progressive construction and that sections, information and content will be added as we develop further in establishing this initiative.

Please return soon and thank you for visiting us.

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